smart pages engine increases the conversion rate of your online shop. It computes recommendations for products based on customer behaviour, which improves the relevance of your shop pages to customers.

Demo shop recommendations
Example of recommendations displayed with our Shopware plugin
  • No manual computation overhead
  • High acceptance rate of recommendations
  • Increased visit durations
  • Increased revenue
  • High conversion rates
  • Satisfied customers

Order an instance of SPE to service your shop, and you will get:

  • A highly scalable SaaS-architecture
  • Access via secure REST API
  • Fetching of results via JSON
  • Import of shop data via CSV
  • Multiple plugins available, see documentation

A single instance of SPE for small and medium-traffic shops

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A master-slave replicated setup of SPE for extra reliability and high traffic shops

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Custom setups and features for enterprises

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Recommendations are personalized for a given customer based on their browsing behaviour during a session, as well as their historic profile when the customer is logged in to your shop.

How it works: After integration, your shop software registers various events in our API, for example when a customer opens a product page, or completes a purchase. Our API prepares recommendations based on that, which your shop software can then fetch and display.

Recommendation types

  • Related products

    Displays products that are similar or are associated to a given product or search term.
    Perfect for: Product pages, search results, category listings

  • Ordered together

    Displays products that other customers have bought together with a given product.
    Perfect for: Product pages, basket pages

  • Category topseller

    Displays products that sell the most for a given category.
    Perfect for: Category listings

  • Global topseller

    Displays products that sell the most in the entire shop.
    Perfect for: Front page, category listings

  • Personal recommendations

    Displays products that would interest the customer based on their browsing behaviour.
    Perfect for: Every page

  • Recently viewed

    Displays products that the customer has recently viewed.
    Perfect for: Every page